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Participants attending our programs make better decisions, positively manage stress, develop new coping skills, learn relaxation techniques and gain better control over their health."

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I participate in the Mind Body program while I'm going through medical

Yes. Approximately half of the women in our program initiate either an
insemination cycle or an IVF cycle while participating in the group.

2. What is the age range of the women in the group?

All age ranges are welcome. So far group participants have ranged in
age from 25-47.

3. How large are the groups?

Most groups are between 10-14 couples.

4. Can my husband/partner attend?

They can attend during the initial intake session so that they are advised on the educational components.

5. Is my husband/partner allowed to attend the group sessions?

At this time, our group sessions are designed only for women going through the fertility process.

6. I already do yoga 2-3 times per week. How will this program help me?

There is so much more to the Mind Body program than yoga. In fact, we
teach you 6 different methods of relaxation, so that you can find the
method that fits best with you and your lifestyle.

7. What if I get pregnant during the group?

We frequently have women getting pregnant during the 10-week program.
If you get pregnant, we recommend that you remain in the group because
most women become stressed about losing the pregnancy and can still
benefit from the Mind Body techniques.

8. What if I miss one week of the program?

Unfortunately, many participants have a hard time freeing up their
schedule for all 5 weeks. If you miss a session, we will give you written
materials that cover the missed session, and we will spend some time
on the phone with you covering what you missed.

9. Do I need to sign up for the entire 5-weeks or can I just come to some of the classes?

Due to the fact that there are limited spots in each group, you must commit to the entire 5-week program when you sign up. (We have never
had a participant choose to drop out after the first session).

10. Does insurance pay for this program?

Yes. Many clients receive partial insurance reimbursement. The program is billed under mental health, not infertility.

11. What if I am not pursing any medical treatment at this time?

That's fine. Many clients choose to take a break from treatment while
participating in the program. Also, many clients prefer the mind/body
approach over western medicine.

12. If I have insurance coverage, will the Mind Body Institute bill my insurance?

We will give you a statement at week 5 of the program. You can submit the form to your insurance company for reimbursement. You are responsible for all payments to the Mind Body Institute.

13. I tried yoga and I didn't like it. Is this group for me?

Absolutely. See answer to #6.

14. How do I sign up for the group?

Everyone must go through an intake procedure prior to joining the group.
The intake is a one-on-one meeting with the group leader during which the leader gets to know you and your history. At the time of the intake, you pay a $200 deposit that goes towards the cost of the group. This deposit guarantees you a spot in the group.

15. Where are the classes held?

Los Angeles classes are held at UCLA Medical Plaza in Westwood. Orange County classes are held at our offices in Newport Beach.

16. Do you offer classes in any other locations?

Right now we do not. However, we are considering expanding into new areas, so please contact us and feel free to offer suggestions.

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