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Participants attending our programs make better decisions, positively manage stress, develop new coping skills, learn relaxation techniques and gain better control over their health."

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Fertility Program

Our mission is to Protect, Promote and Preserve Women's Health.

The Fertility Wellness Program is a 5 Week Educational Wellness program. We are not a psychological group. Our team is trained annually at Harvard Medical School with an emphasis on research with licensed clinicians managing group dynamics. A positive prospective on lifestyle and wellness for fertility and pregnancy management. Groups are women only. Men attend 2 sessions on stress education and a couples workshop.

Who Benefits?
For Pre-pregnancy & Pregnancy stress management

Anyone who is attempting to conceive or has achieved pregnancy and is experiencing distress, anxiety and symptoms of short term labor. This distress may be a result of the fertility process or it may stem from other sources such a finances, job or relationship issues, and/or health concerns.

5 week program, plus materials - $895

Pregnancy Management & Wellness Program

The Pregnancy Management & Wellness Program is a 4 Week Educational Wellness Program . Our mission is to decrease pre-term labor, shorten cervix and low birth weight due to stress in high risk and first time pregnancy through mind body medicine and stress management techniques. In a high paced lifestyle with priorities being our career and family, finding a balance means incorporating support and skills into our daily lives.

Research indicates stress is the number one reason for preterm labor and discomfort in pregnancy (May 2008). Obstetrician and hospital's refer to our program as the results are outstanding. 90% of complications reduced !

Pediatric research indicates if an expectant mother is exposed to levels of stress, her baby may be more likely to develop asthma or allergies later in life. Babies born to mothers experiencing high levels of stress had more IgE in their blood at birth than did babies born to less-stressed moms. IgE is an antibody involved in allergic and asthmatic reactions (May 2008). Washington Post Article

Who Benefits?
For women experiencing worry, first pregnancy to high risk pregnancy population. Pregnancy after infertility welcomed.

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